Why CASA Kane County University?

CASA University is the learning center for our organization offering education, resources and development to our CASA/GAL volunteers, staff and Board leadership.  We are dedicated to being the nonprofit child advocacy organization that supports growth towards lifelong learning.  The CASA family has an opportunity to build upon current knowledge, contribute to learning new skills and strengthening present abilities to better understand roles, expectations and further validate why the role of the CASA/GAL exists.  The education that we offer includes continuing education, volunteer and employee onboarding, regulations and compliance, leadership development, training and more.

Our education is available through various modules, such as classroom, online, webinars, small group and strategic outreach gatherings that will meet the adult learner’s different styles.  Our team of professionals will work alongside you to explore various development offerings so you can learn more about CASA Kane County’s mission, vision and philosophy along with the child welfare and compliance needs to advocate for the best interests of our youth.

Thank you for choosing CASA Kane County, as we know there are many wonderful nonprofit organizations in our community and we are grateful you are choosing to be the difference maker for our youth and community!


CASA Kane County University Logo Explained

A logo (abbreviation of logotype), is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition. It identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. It needs to have meaning. This brief document describes the CASA Kane County University logo.

The shield represents the protection that CASA Kane County provides to neglected and abused children. Its objective is to deflect all injustice.

Lion  (upper left-hand quadrant of shield)
A lion represents many things, depending on the context.  Overall though, it is most noted for courage, strength and power. Each of these is essential to the mission of CASA Kane County.

Ruler and Crayon  (upper right-hand quadrant of shield)
CASA Kane County represents children, many just becoming aware of and learning about the world around them.

Mortarboard  (lower right-hand quadrant of shield)
CASA Kane County also represents those who are graduating into new stages of their lives.

CASA Symbol  (lower left-hand quadrant of shield)
CASA is a national organization that supports and promotes court-appointed, volunteer advocacy, so every abused and neglected child in the United States can have a safe, permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.

Olive Branch
This is a symbol of peace for children and for all those who work to make children’s lives better.